Texting for Business Makes Claims Adjusters More Efficient

Benefits of Zipwhip for Claims Adjusters Include

  • The ability to text from computer using existing phone number
  • Reduce time to first contact
  • Reduce claim cycle time
  • Simplified photo-sharing process
  • Improved customer experience

Zipwhip’s texting for business is the fast, easy and secure way for businesses to connect with their customers

Expedite the claims process

Decrease phone tag and make first contact faster. Allow customers to easily send MMS photos for important documentation.

Integrate into existing systems

Tailor to fit your unique business needs and system requirements. Collaborate to identify API workflow triggers such as initiating conversations or sending reminders.

Increase customer satisfaction

Empower customers to communicate using the method they prefer. Boost engagement and customer satisfaction by being easy to do business with. 

Exchange information securely

Zipwhip’s network infrastructure encrypts SMS texts and client information in transit and at rest. Direct network infrastructure ownership ensures reliability and security between the wireless service providers and the cloud platform.

Ease of adoption

You can enable your business line and start texting the same day. Zipwhip’s software is intuitive and easy to learn.

Coming soon - Guidewire Accelerator

Automatically sync contact details between platforms and archive text conversations in the ClaimCenter, creating a valuable record for compliance and data retention. Increase efficiency with automated text reminders and notifications based on workflow triggers.


Customers Can Easily Share Photos and Videos with Claims Adjusters


Improve Upon Legacy Insurance Company One-Way Text Notification Systems


Allow Customers and Adjusters to Communicate Without Having to Download a Mobile App


Improve Communication Between Claims Adjusters and non-English Speakers


Reduce Errors on Documentation and Save Cycle Time for Claims Adjusters