RCS Will Soon be the New Standard for Two-Way Business Texting

What is RCS?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) gives businesses a new opportunity to enhance customer experience and communication through text messaging. As the mobile industry continues to adopt this technology, RCS will soon become the new standard for business texting. RCS is currently pre-loaded on many customers’ phones, so they don’t have to download yet another application or even have a data connection to receive messages from their favorite brands.

Link RCS to Your Existing Business Phone Number

Zipwhip enables existing landline, VoIP and toll-free phone numbers for two-way texting with RCS. This is a huge benefit for businesses that have an established phone number. You can communicate with your customers via text from the exact same number you already use to make and receive phone calls.

Make It Easy for People to Communicate with Your Business

Zipwhip's RCS solution combines the convenience and efficiency of chatbots with the personable and dynamic nature of human-to-human connection.

Seamlessly Transition to SMS or MMS When Needed

Zipwhip has the ability to automatically convert RCS messages to SMS or MMS when data connectivity is unavailable, or a user’s mobile phone is not RCS capable. You’ll never have to worry about deliverability issues.

Incorporate Rich Features into Your Business Texts

Features like rich carousel cards, group chats, read receipts, inline picture and video messaging, visual maps and more are all available in RCS and will change the way businesses text with consumers.

Add Your Company Branding

Maintain brand equity by enabling your existing, recognizable phone number, adding your logo and customizing your color scheme. Earn your customers’ trust through Google’s business-verification protocol.

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