What is online texting?

Online texting is when a message is sent from a computer to a mobile phone using the internet. Messages are delivered using a standard Short Message Service (SMS), which converts the text message into the appropriate format for each device, whether that be a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Texting online

Traditional texting refers to text messages that are sent from one mobile device to another using a wireless carrier’s cellular network. Every smartphone on the market is enabled to send and receive SMS messages. While phone-to-phone texting is convenient and overwhelmingly preferred to e-mail, there are a few limitations.

Some cellular phone plans don’t include free texting and users are charged a small fee for every text they send. Then there’s the issue of reliability. If cell phone coverage is limited where you are, your text message might not get through until you’re back within range of your carrier’s cell towers.    

Can I send a text message online?

Have you ever wondered if you could send a text message from a computer to a cell phone? Or maybe you want to send a text from one computer to another and bypass a phone entirely. You can do both by downloading a texting app. You would then be texting from a computer, which is the same thing as sending a text message online.

That might sound kind of odd. We associate texting with cell phones, but times are changing and more avenues for instant communication are becoming available. Desktop texting apps function pretty much the same way your phone texting app does, you’re just able to read and compose messages from your computer instead of your phone.   

If you’re a business looking to keep customer communication in a central location, sending texts from your personal phone can quickly become a challenge. For one, it will be difficult to manage individual conversations and separate them from your personal contacts. More importantly, traditional texting apps lack tools that truly leverage the power of send a text message from a computer.

For companies that have a landline phone number or use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), employees can easily text from their laptop or desktop computer with the help of a two-way texting-for-business platform. Because online texting uses standard SMS, which is already loaded onto smart phones, there are no additional texting apps for customers to download to their mobile devices. Your texts automatically arrive via their phone’s existing texting app.

The benefits of online texting for business

Text messages get read, and they get read quickly. Statistics show that 98% of all text messages are opened, and 95% of text messages are opened and replied to within three minutes of being delivered. That goes for business texts as well. Now it’s easier than ever to reach your customers by enabling two-way SMS texting on your existing business number. Aside from impressive open and response rates, there are additional benefits and features to using an online business-texting platform to communicate with customers:

  • Send unlimited texts to unlimited contacts
  • Create reusable text message templates to send standard messages again and again
  • Answer common questions with set responses that trigger on specific keywords
  • Send a single message to multiple contacts at a time through group texts
  • Schedule text messages in advance so you never forget to send reminders

Zipwhip is a two-way texting platform that adds texting capabilities to your existing landline phone number or VoIP, while being the only business-texting software with direct connectivity to mobile carrier networks. We offer high-volume texting across the U.S. and Canada, so you can trust that your messages will be delivered securely and reliably.

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