Texting for Recruiting

Fill more open positions

Zipwhip’s texting software enables you to connect with candidates quickly and discreetly. Send interview reminders, request availability and transfer documents by text from your computer.

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Reach candidates fast and ensure your messages are seen

Consumers see and respond to texts faster than emails or phone calls because they’re high priority. If you want to engage with candidates quickly, choose the medium they prefer — texting.  

Provide a great candidate experience  

Today’s candidates expect convenient communication. Texts are less intrusive and more discreet than phone calls, which is especially important for employed candidates. Texting also eases processes like document transfer, which can be done quickly through MMS (picture messaging). 

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Auto reply text

Use automation tools to save time

With Auto Replies, you can ensure candidates always get a response, even outside of business hours. Set your office hours and assign a message to go out when candidates text you outside those hours.  

Keep a clean record of candidate communication

Seamless integrations allow you to save all conversations into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), where conversations can be easily referenced later. This means no more risk of recruiters leaving with important candidate contact information. 
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Texting is hands down the best way to reach people in a timely fashion. The ease of use and efficiency of Zipwhip’s Landline Texting API gives us the ability to integrate texting into our day-to-day recruiting and HR business processes.
Bob Frank
CIO, Staffline

Integrate with the tools you already use

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