Texting for Internal Communications

Reach employees quickly

Connect with employees in the office or the field using texting for company announcements, alerts, emergency communications and more.

Company meeting text reminder

Ensure employees never miss announcements

Don’t let important company announcements sit unread in your employees’ email inboxes. With texting, you can make sure important information is seen quickly. And with SMS tools like Scheduled Messages and Group Messages, it’s easier than ever to reach your whole company.  

Communicate quickly during emergencies 

In the event of an emergency like a fire or extreme weather event, you need fast communication you can rely on. Texts work best because they’re high priority and accessible even when Wifi goes down. Use texts to send status updates, organize teams and check in on the safety of your staff.  

Internal communications text alert
Zipwhip Tagboard integration

Engage staff during company meetings and events

Want to get more engagement from your employees? Allow them to submit questions, photos and stories via text message. Zipwhip’s Tagboard integration makes it easy to curate and display those messages on your intranet, at your event or in your office.  

Communicate with employees in the field

SMS is an efficient way to communicate with staff members who work outside the office. Whether they’re out showing homes or doing deliveries, texting lets you send and receive updates quickly.  

internal communications text message

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