Texting for Sales

Move leads down the funnel faster

Integrate Zipwhip’s texting features into your CRM to leverage the speed and efficiency of SMS. Conveniently schedule calls and send meeting reminders to prevent prospects from going cold.

prospect text message example

Build relationships with your prospects

Texting is an intimate medium, making it ideal for building trust and nurturing relationships. Save time during outreach with Zipwhip’s Dynamic Fields to personalize every message, even in group texts.  

Maintain steady outreach to convert prospects into customers

Don’t lose touch with prospects because they forgot about your scheduled call. Use Zipwhip’s Scheduled Messages to automate reminders about your upcoming calls and meetings. Or, schedule texts to gauge your prospects’ interest throughout the sales cycle. 

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click to text button for sales

Gain competitive advantage by offering the choice to “Text or Call” 

Get in touch with prospects faster and increase the likelihood of a timely response by giving them the option to text when they can’t call you right away. A staggering 96% of consumers find phone calls to be disruptive. 

Within the first day I sold and booked $2,400 worth of business… My close rate has increased by at least 25%.
Pam Williams
Owner, LINE-X of Kirkland Franchise

Integrate with the tools you already use

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