SMS Dispatch Software

Streamline your communication with dispatch text messaging

Provide your dispatchers, drivers and customers a smooth and efficient way to coordinate service.

Simplify dispatch, pick-up, delivery and customer service with SMS

Text drivers and passengers to schedule and confirm upcoming trips. Inform customers when a vehicle is on the way and upon arrival for package pickup or delivery. 

With Templates, you can quickly send standard messages again and again, and Dynamic Fields allow for personalization. Use Scheduled Messages to automatically send trip reminders and confirmations at a future date.

Increase productivity by texting from the tools you use daily​

Zipwhip integrates with popular transportation and dispatch software providers such as Livery Coach, Limo Anywhere, FASTTRAK, GroundWidgets, Driveware and more. Initiate two-way text conversations directly from the software you’re currently using, and automate reminders, alerts, post-service surveys and more.

CRM with Zipwhip Widget Graphic
Zipwhip Text or Call Graphic

Stop relying on personal mobile devices for dispatch texting

With Zipwhip, you can send and receive text messages on your existing, branded business number from your computer, tablet and mobile device.  Allowing customers to text the same line they call and receive texts from a number they trust and recognize improves their experience while also providing you with improved oversight and reporting.

Integrating with Zipwhip was straightforward and easy and reinforces Livery Coach’s position as always having the latest tools for our customers.

David Hirsch
David Hirsch
President, Livery Coach

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