Texting for Customer Service & Support

Resolve customer issues faster

Lower call volume and close tickets faster with Zipwhip’s two-way texting. Text-enable your existing business line so customers can text or call the same number. 

Offer customers faster response times

Why make callers wait on hold for an available representative when they can text you instead? With SMS, customer service agents can respond to inquiries and resolve issues faster than by phone. 

Automate recurring tasks and free up staff to assist customers faster

Share information with customers automatically. With texting features like Auto Reply and Keywords, support teams can set up pre-written responses to instantly answer FAQs. And you can ensure customers always get a response, even when you’re out of the office.

Speed up issue resolution with MMS  

Exchange documents and images easily with MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Review documents to confirm accuracy before customers send in the originals. Request photos to assess things like job scope or property damage.

Getting clients to email an image or document is hard. It usually took two weeks to get documents back, but with texting it took only 24-48 hours.
Keagan Henson
Independent AAA Insurance Agent

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