Share your wishlist with a text to Santa

Text Santa: (844) YO-SANTA

(844) 967-2682

Countdown to Christmas!


How do I text Santa?

Send your wishlist or a question to Santa at 844-YO-SANTA (844-967-2682)
You can send texts in any language and Santa will do his best to respond.
Spread the joy and let your friends and family know they can text Santa, too!

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Get in the holiday spirit with these fun activities

Listen to Santa's holiday playlist

Bake cookies with your family

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Send a card to someone

Have fun with Mad Libs

Try festive Zoom backgrounds

“Does Rudolph's nose get hot?”

“Why do the elves make the same toys that are in the stores?”

“Why don't you get a stomachache from eating so many cookies?”

How many texts did Santa get in 2019?

Text in to help Santa break last year's record!

How does Santa text?

In 2015 Zipwhip helped Santa set up his toll-free text line, 844-YO-SANTA. Since then, he’s received hundreds of thousands of texts from kids and families around the world. This has gotten the attention of people far and wide, including The New York Times. For more info or to speak with the team who got Santa texting, email

Text for a good cause

Zipwhip is donating $1 for each of the first 5,000 texts that come in to 844-YO-SANTA. We’ll use the $5,000 to purchase toys and supplies for patients and their families at Seattle Children’s Hospital.