State of Texting

Zipwhip’s annual State of Texting report is a comprehensive look at how businesses and consumers use texting to communicate. We share our learnings to help businesses understand how their customers want to communicate and how to text in the most effective way possible. 

In our inaugural State of Texting report, we interviewed 2,000 businesses and consumers. In addition to examining consumer texting habits, trends and preferences, the report looks at how SMS technology is evolving and what businesses need to do to keep up.  

You can expect to learn: 

  • What the texting-for-business landscape looks like today, including how many businesses currently text their customers, the different types of texting tools being used and the most common use cases for texting. 
  • Consumer preferences, including the types of texts customers want to receive and what frustrates them.  
  • How text compares to email in terms of both consumer usage and response time. 
  • What to look for in a tool and how to avoid texting mistakes other businesses make.  

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