Zipwhip Software Shutdown: FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Twilio’s vision is to build the world’s leading customer-engagement platform and provide businesses and developers with a powerful suite of messaging offerings.

Leaders across Zipwhip and Twilio have thought carefully in the last months about this vision and how together as one company we can achieve it. After thoughtful deliberation, our joint leadership has determined that the necessary path forward to provide streamlined communications solutions in the long term is to eventually shut down the Zipwhip software product and focus on Twilio’s existing suite of offerings and Zipwhip’s core connectivity.

The immediate steps that should be taken are to become familiar with the timeline for the software shutdown, read the FAQ for understanding, and ensure that your 2022 planning includes updating your business texting communications platform.

If your business wishes to replace your Zipwhip software with a similar “out-of-the-box” solution, then we encourage you to consider Podium and Voxie. These are long time partners of Twilio and are committed to providing a seamless transition for former Zipwhip customers as well as special offers.

If your company wishes to customize your communication platform to meet your specific needs, then we also encourage you to try Twilio for free by signing up online here.

All functionality will end upon the software shutdown date. You will not be able to use or access the Zipwhip software product, which includes sending and receiving texts on your business phone number and extracting data (e.g. your contact lists).

Refer to your contract or email order confirmation from your most recent purchase of Zipwhip services.

Cancellation policies have not changed due to the eventual software shutdown. Please refer to section “14. Subscription Term and Termination” within the Zipwhip Terms of Service for more information.

Yes, you will be able to download and/or reinstall our apps through the final product shut down date.

Contractual changes such as purchasing more lines and users for your software or downgrading the number of lines and users will no longer be available. Note that non-contractual changes such as line and user swaps through your admin console will persist through the product shutdown date.

You can make account changes up until the End of Account Changes (EOA) date.

10DLC registration is an industry-wide requirement by U.S. mobile carriers. Registering ensures that your Zipwhip messages will be routed through mobile carriers without interruption.

The registration from Zipwhip will not pass to the new provider. You will therefore need to follow the new providers guidelines for registering for 10DLC.