Enable sharing through SMS text messages

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn let consumers share digital content with a single click. Why can't you share via text?

No other technology lets you send SMS from any device using your own existing phone number, let alone track these interactions. With Zipwhip’s Share Via Text, we enable SMS sharing and provide a free tool to track engagement across platforms.

You can't afford to ignore this trend towards desktop-to-mobile engagement.

How it works

When you click Zipwhip’s Share via Text button, it detects whether you are on a desktop or mobile web browser.

1. Put one line of code on your website.
2. Your visitor clicks the Share via Text button.
3. They enter a PIN code to verify the mobile phone number the text is sent from.
4. Enter the recipient's phone number.
5. Click Send, and the text is sent as if it came from your phone.

Start a conversation from your own phone number, from any device

There's no app to download. After clicking the Share via Text button, the conversation continues in your customer's default texting app.

Boost referrals, drive mobile engagement, and promote any kind of digital inventory by starting real conversations directly within your website.

Landline Texting Apps

Easy Installation

Add a "Share via Text" button to your mobile and desktop websites with one line of javascript code we provide.

texting software

Across all platforms

Share via Text is the only product that can send texts on your behalf, from your existing phone number, on any device.

Richer Content

Outbound messages work natively with RCS and Apple Business Chat and falls back to SMS and MMS.