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Add API access to your software plan,
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Easily send high-volume, programmatic text messages via the same phone number such as notifications, alerts and reminders.

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There is no doubt that consumers respond faster to a text message. Our sales team finds it easy to communicate back and forth with members. Zipwhip has helped them increase their loan funding ratio by almost 40%.
Ricardo Mejia
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Service Credit Union

Frequently Asked Questions

This service works with your existing landline, VoIP or toll-free number. Zipwhip allows you to send and receive texts using that number, right from your computer or mobile device. We offer powerful desktop, web and mobile apps, plus browser extensions for easy texting from your CRM. You can access the web app by logging in at https://app.zipwhip.com/login.

To get started with Zipwhip, you’ll need a valid email address, access to a credit card for our billing page, and you’ll need to be able to answer the phone on the line that you want to text enable so we can verify you’re the owner.

Zipwhip does not text enable mobile phone numbers, but you can enable any landline, VoIP or toll-free number and access Zipwhip from your mobile device using our mobile app.
You will not be charged anything today if you’re doing a free trial. The card you share will only be billed if you continue with Zipwhip after your trial period. If you cancel during the trial, you will not be charged.
Phone call verification helps us ensure that the phone line is being text enabled by the company that owns it, and not an outside party. We take extra precautions to protect companies like yours.

Zipwhip is a peer-to-peer texting service that is used to build and enhance customer relationships. Short code texting, on the other hand, is ideal for mass marketing and does not support conversational texting. Ten-digit texting (like our landline and toll-free services) utilize your company’s existing phone number, unlike short codes, which use a different number that may be unfamiliar to customers.

We do not condone the use of business texting to solicit wireless subscribers with unwanted text messages. We have a zero-tolerance policy for SMS spam and reserve the right to immediately cancel the service for any user that abuses our service. To learn more, please read our Acceptable Use Agreement.

No. Zipwhip is a completely independent service from your landline or toll-free phone carrier. Please note, Zipwhip is a separate monthly charge not included on your telephone bill.

No, there is no hardware installation required. All texting will be done through a desktop, web or mobile app or through one of our convenient browser extensions.

Zipwhip is required to verify every landline and toll-free phone number to ensure proper ownership and protect the text message medium from abuse. We’ll call you with a verification code. Simply enter that code to verify your number. 

We offer both annual and month-to-month packages. Your plan begins the day we verify your account and we make it easy to start and stop your service at any time. Additional pricing options are available upon inquiry.

The main differences are message volume and access to features. Our Starter plan is great for a small business that just wants the capability to text from their existing business number. This is the only plan that caps sent and received messages at 500 messages. All other plans offer unlimited messaging but differ in features offered. Our Premium plan is our recommended option.

Our “Commercial” package offers a solution for multiple lines, with the ability to switch between lines without having to log in/log out. Click the “Contact Us” button in the Commercial package listing above to get started.

Yes, you can use the toggle above to see how pricing differs when you pay monthly versus annually.
Annual plans are billed monthly, with a year-long commitment.

Yes! We offer onboarding and best practices training webinars to all customers. Businesses paying $500 a month or more will also get premier support.

If you’re interested in integrating your software with Zipwhip, you can fill out our partner request form here.

Integrations are software connections between Zipwhip and other common productivity tools that allow you to build Texting for Business into your workflow more efficiently. You can learn more about integrations in the Zipwhip Marketplace. Integrations are available in the Premium package at $30 per month, and are included with Commercial packages at no extra cost. Integrations are available to add once you are a Zipwhip customer.
Keywords can be set up within Zipwhip to trigger a specific text response when a customer texts you that keyword. Answer common questions, run promotions and more with keywords. For example, set up the keyword “tickets” for users to enter a promotional giveaway for an event. Premium and Commercial packages include 3 and 5 keywords respectively. Keywords are available to purchase in the Unlimited, Premium and Commercial packages for $10 per keyword per month.