How to Text Your Customers From a Computer

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Can you text customers from a computer? Yes! There are many reasons why businesses are texting clients, customers and prospects from their computers rather than their personal mobile phones. On the top of the list for many is ease of use. Here is a quick look at Zipwhip’s software solution. Want more ideas? Check out this post.


Keith Hitchcock
Keith Hitchcock
Host of ZipTV

Keith Hitchcock:

Hey there, good news—you can text your customers from your computer. And one of the best ways to do that is with a software solution. I’ll show you the software that I use in a moment, but why do people want to text from their computer? So many reasons!

One: it’s so much easier to type, cut, paste, find emojis and do everything else on your computer keyboard versus your phone. Right?

Two: If you ever want to scale your business, texting from a phone is pretty limiting. For one thing, with texting software multiple employees can access the texting app.

Three: If your employees are texting customers using personal phones and they ever leave the company, those contacts and conversations go with them. Not so good for business.

There are 77 more reasons to text customers from a computer rather than a phone, but let me show you the tool that I use.

It’s called Zipwhip. Now, the main part of the app is a simple texting window, where you can enter the number of an existing contact here. And you can type your text message here.

You can use these icons below the message box to add photos, emojis, pull in pre-drafted templates, contact details, and add a signature.

Okay, I’ll give you a quick tour of some of my favorite features.

Here is where you keep track of your contacts and their details.

Now, on a phone you can’t schedule messages, but on the Zipwhip app you can—very convenient for things like appointment reminders.

Here is your auto-reply area. Your app can automatically send replies to your customers, so when you’re away they still get a response right away and they’re not left wondering if you got their message.

Templates are all those pre-written messages that your business uses frequently. This feature is a fantastic time-saver.

You might be thinking—“Hey, I want to be able to text my customers when I’m on the go, out doing errands or out in the field.” Well, no problem, that’s what the Zipwhip’s complementary mobile app is for.

One of the coolest things is that you can text-enable your existing business number—yes, even a landline. No new number needed! Pretty cool.

So, not only can you text your customers with your computer and this mobile app, but your business might be missing out if it’s not using this technology to text with customers.

If you have more questions about texting for business or Zipwhip, just go to

Happy texting!


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