How Real Businesses Use Text Templates

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There’s a difference between personal texting and Texting for Business. For one thing, Texting for Business offers many more features—like texting templates. Does your business have messaging that you frequently repeat? Using pre-written text templates is a huge time saver. Check out how these businesses are working smarter, not harder, leveraging text templates.


Keith Hitchcock
Keith Hitchcock
Host of zipTV

Keith Hitchcock: Hey, there. I’ve been busy speaking to a bunch of businesses about how they’re leveraging texting templates. These businesses are quickly helping customers, they’re increasing productivity and they’re working smarter, not harder. I hope you find some inspiration here for your own business.

Devin Jones: One of my favorite features that we started incorporating for everyone is the templates. Everyone’s on the same page with all three studios of knowing what specials that we are running with the templates, so it’s just ease of access and saving a bunch of templates in there.

Stacy Harrison: I think the templates are pretty cool. It’s really helpful for us because we have to have the customer sign contracts before they arrive. So, we can simply attach the link to our contract in a template. We send it off to the customer.

Hillary Louarti: When we have someone who wants to book a wine tour, we like to let them know about how garage-to-garage time works for billing. And it gets old hearing “oh, but no one told me that” even though we did, and it’s in the contract. So this way, a direct text message is a little bit more of a reminder and a reinforcement tool for us. We have that set as a template and we’re able to plug that in and send it and not have our staff spending a lot of time, every single time rewording.

Heather Featherston: As a crisis line, we get our share of people that want to mess around or think that it is something where they can text and ask all sorts of questions that aren’t really our expertise. And so it’s nice to be able to have the canned messages for the entire staff. So they have the words to say to direct people to different resources where they are.

Keith Hitchcock: For more ideas and inspiration around texting for business, check out our Resource Center at where you can filter for a specific industry or type of content you prefer. Happy texting!


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