How Insurance Pros Use Texting

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We enjoy educating our new customers about how to text, but sometimes our customers have ideas about texting that can instruct others too. The communication needs of each industry is distinct, and Insurance is no exception. See if these insurance pros have any ideas that might help your own business.


Keith Hitchcock
Keith Hitchcock
Host of ZipTV & Textpert

Keith Hitchcock:

Hey, there. I’ve been busy speaking to a bunch of insurance professionals about how they use Zipwhip texting. Now, whether or not you work with insurance, I hope you find some inspiration for your own business.

Gregg McDonald:

We use it, boy in so many ways, simple communication from a happy birthday to just checking in on somebody we haven’t heard from for a while, that’s usually coming in, especially with COVID-19 and just sort of responding to them that way and touching bases. But, and deeper than that, where we’re getting photos sent from somebody that has a claim to file. They’ve hit a deer. There’s a lot of deer in our area. We’re in Wyoming, and there’s a lot of deer accidents here. So, they’re taking pictures and sending them to us and doing that.

Gregg McDonald:

We’re communicating if they’re close to a payment date or past due on their bill, we’re communicating that to them. And it’s quick and it’s easy and it’s just so convenient. Some of them like it better that way than a phone call or an email that they don’t have time to open and read, so. I like to joke around a little bit and I would say, “Come on, Grandpa. It’s time to move into the future.” Because if you’re not texting… It’s sort of like computers, they’re here to stay and they’re not going away.

Rebecca Mock:

Probably our favorite part about it now is that annual mileage surveys are a big one that clients overlook. And so, we’ve discovered that if we text them on Fridays, either they’re home working or it’s a Friday, so they’re going to be home Saturday, Sunday, we tend to get a ton of feedback over the weekend. So, when we come in on Mondays, they’ve all replied to, or not all of them because they never all reply, but they reply to our text messages with the information that we need so that we can just submit the annual mileage survey for them. So, that’s really, really helped us be able to navigate those annual mileage surveys, stop chasing them all the time. And it just makes the client experience a little easier.

Stephanie Martinez:

We do have an older generation population here. And so, some of the things they do practice is sending pictures through text message. So, when we send them out documents and they’re under a strict deadline, I do say like, “Hey, can you send it through text? Send it to us to our phone number.” They’re like, “You can snippet through there.” I’m like, “Yeah.” So they kind of like that it’s a little easier, because they might have grandkids who just taught them how to text, but not how to print out a PDF or learn how to do an electronics insurer. It helps a lot of the older generation.

Keith Hitchcock:

For more ideas and inspiration around texting for business, check out our resource center at And while you’re there, if you’d like more content specific to insurance, be sure to filter for the insurance topic. Happy texting.

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