Can I Text a Landline?

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Yes, you can text a landline, but the recipient will need additional software to receive, read and compose a text message if they want to reply. The need to text a landline phone number is more relevant for businesses that would like the option to communicate with their customers over text messages.

And for a deeper dive, check out this blog post.


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Keith Hitchcock
Digital Content Producer

Keith Hitchcock: Can you text a landline?

The short answer?… yes. But there’s a bit more to it. Let’s talk about what landline texting is and how to do it.

First off, if you’re a certain age, you may not know what a landline is? It’s a phone that requires physical cables to transmit a call, as opposed to a portable phone which communicates wirelessly. Do people still use landlines? We see fewer and fewer in our homes, but businesses definitely still use landlines.

So, for a landline to receive and send texts, you need software on the side of the landline. If you have a landline in your home, you probably don’t need to text-enable it, but all sorts of businesses and industries are text-enabling their landlines, so they can communicate with their customers in an easy and effective way. Plus, it’s how consumers want to communicate.

Quick history lesson: Landline texting is a recent development. Zipwhip, a software company based in Seattle, Washington, pioneered this messaging achievement in 2013. Zipwhip built the original business texting network along with applications that are able to communicate via those 10-digit numbers we all know and love.

Now, you might be wondering, “can I still call that number that I’ve text-enabled?” The answer is… yes.

This is the beauty of landline texting: Once a business text-enables their phone number, customers, clients, and colleagues can text or call their number. Is this amazing?… yes

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