5 Benefits of Toll-free Texting

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The business world is still waking up to the fact that it’s possible to text from a toll-free phone number. And there are benefits to using a toll-free number to text versus a short code or 10DLC (10-digit, local phone number) number. Here is a quick look at five of those benefits. To learn more about toll-free texting, check out this awesome blog post.


Keith Hitchcock
Keith Hitchcock
Digital Content Manager

Keith Hitchcock:
Can you use a toll-free number for texting? Yes! What are the benefits of toll-free texting? There are so many! I’ll tell you about some of the most important ones.

One. Toll-free numbers are inexpensive, easy to acquire, and can quickly be set up for texting.
Yep. We’re living in an age of technical wizardry.

Two. Toll-free texting provides instant, two-way communication between your brand and your customers. You can have a text conversation with them if you want to!

Three. Customers can reach your business via text or call using the same number. I know, amazing.

Four. Handset delivery receipts validate that your recipients are receiving the messages you send.

Five. We’re at five already?! Toll-free supports higher throughput than other SMS channels.
A single number can send millions of messages.

Want to know more about what toll-free texting is, how companies are using it and what the benefits are?

We’ll link to a great blog post below. Happy texting!

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