4 Ways to Make an Effective Text Message Intro

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Just getting started with Texting for Business or not sure if you’re doing it right? Since business texting etiquette is different than personal texting, you’ll want to get started on the right foot. Here is a quick look at four suggestions as you get ready to send your first text to a client or customer. For even more ideas about text message introductions check out this awesome blog post.


Keith Hitchcock
Keith Hitchcock
Digital Content Manager

Keith Hitchcock:
So, you’re going to text your customers, but how do you start? Your first text message to a customer is a first impression, so let’s make it a good one.

Here are a few tips to help you make an effective text message introduction.

One. Be clear about why you’re texting. Tell your customer who you are and include a call to action. Remember: texting communication is short form, so keep it brief.

Two. Double check your tone. The way we text with customers is different than how we text with friends. Now, it’s okay to be friendly, but be careful about getting overly casual. It’s best to minimize abbreviations, emojis and all caps. Let’s keep it professional.

Three. Add a signature. This is a great feature of business texting that will add personalization to your messages. Something short and simple is fine.

Four. Give your customers an option to opt out. Even though they opted in to receive texts, your customers can also opt out, and legally you need to respect that. It’s a good practice to include some words in your intro text about how to opt out—something like this.

We have lots more ideas about texting best practices and etiquette. And we have a bunch of pre-written text templates on our blog. Check it out. Happy texting!

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