Why Your Customers Don’t Answer the Phone Anymore

Have you ever wondered why your customers don’t answer the phone when you call? Or why they don’t return your call even after you leave a voicemail? Do you know what percentage of people find phone calls to be disruptive? Or what percentage feel anxious about talking on the phone? The answers may surprise you.

We surveyed over 500 consumers and gathered lots of interesting data on human behavior relating to phone calls. We also consulted a social scientist who shared insights into why so many people experience phone anxiety and prefer texting.

This informative and easy-to-read e-book dives into these topics in greater detail. We provide guidance on how you can reach your customers more effectively, and helpful tips on connecting with customers using the communication method they prefer.

You'll learn:

After reading this e-book, you’ll have a better understanding of consumer behavior so you can leverage that information to get the attention of your customers.

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