The Definitive Guide to Customer Engagement with Insurance Texting

Are you looking for ways to better communicate with your insureds?

Traditional methods of communication such as phone calls and emails are no longer as efficient as they once were. They’re even less effective for specific use cases like scheduling appointments, sending billing reminders and answering policy questions, all of which can be done faster with a text.

Is your insurance company staying ahead of the competition?

Consumers expect texting to be part of their communication experience. For this e-book, we surveyed 500 insurance customers and 500 insurance carrier employees. The numbers speak for themselves; 76% of insureds said they would be interested in texting their carrier if it was an option. Eighty-three percent of insurance companies currently use some form of texting to communicate with customers. And 81% of the companies said their customers have already asked them about texting. The time to start is now. Download our guide and give customers the easy, convenient communication they want.

You'll learn:

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