Contact Import

Import existing customer contact information into the Zipwhip web app.


Group Texting

Create groups of 50 contacts and send a blind carbon copy text message to your created group.


Auto Reply

Set an automatic response to incoming texts during non-business hours.


Scheduled Texting

Compose and schedule outbound texts to be sent at a later date and time.


Custom Signature

Add a personalized signature to the bottom of every sent text message.


Picture Texting (MMS)

Share high-quality images with customers using your Zipwhip-enabled business phone number.



Associate a personalized message that is sent when customers text you a specific word.


Desktop Apps

Send & receive business text messages directly on your Windows or Mac computer.


Mobile Apps

Take your business texts on the go with our Android and iOS mobile apps.


Chrome Extension

Text any phone number displayed on a web page, CRM, or help desk from your Google Chrome browser.


Browser Notifications

Enable pop-up notifications in your web browser so you don't miss a new text.


Create User

Create sub-logins for individual users to support all conversations from one phone number.



Measure and analyze your text messaging traffic from the Reports view.



Manage all your text-enabled phone numbers from one dashboard.



The block option allows you to disable incoming text messages from selected contacts.