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Texting for franchises

Episode 11: Communication Best Practices from Franchise Leaders at FMLC

Host Scott Heimes sat down with three franchise leaders at the 2019 Franchise Marketing Leaders Conference to discuss the strategies that modern franchises are using to better communicate with their franchisees, vendors and customers.

Episode 9: How Franchises Use Texting for Growth and Brand Consistency

In this episode, host Scott Heimes and Zipwhip's head of franchise development Tim Johnson discuss how franchises have evolved their communication strategies from simply talking to customers to now collaborating with them and how texting is making it happen.



Business Texting for Beginners - An Open Q&A

Now more than ever, it’s vital that you’re able to reach your customers quickly and effectively. Where does texting fit into your communication strategy and how, exactly, do you use it? Here are answers. 


7 Ways to Ramp Up Business With Texting as COVID-19 Recedes

As states across the country begin to slowly reopen their economies, learn how your business can leverage texting in the coming weeks and months. We’ll discuss seven smart ways to use texting to get customers back in the door, communicate new safety protocols, coordinate effectively with your team and more.


Rebuild Your Fitness Club: Zipwhip Texting for ClubReady

ClubReady integrated with Zipwhip last year to give gyms and fitness clubs the easiest way to keep in touch with members—texting. We’ll discuss how clubs can continue to embrace technology, like texting, as they reopen.


A Masterclass on Business Texting - Today’s Trends & the Future

Zipwhip CTO James Lapic talks about what our 2020 State of Texting data means for businesses and what to expect from the medium in the in the years ahead.

How to Use Texting to Reach Customers During the Coronavirus Crisis

Whether you’re navigating new hours, or operating under totally new circumstances, texting can help you reach your customers with vital updates. Learn from our CMO Scott Heimes how you can use texting during this challenging time.


Why Adopting Business Texting for Insurance Has Become More Important than Ever

Now more than ever, insurers and brokers are having to rethink the effectiveness of their customer engagement strategies. Learn  how COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for two-way texting across claims, distribution, policy admin, renewals, billing and more.

Texting for Recruitment and Staffing 101

Want to reach candidates faster and fill more open positions? Learn how Zipwhip texting can help you speed up the pre-screening process, reduce phone tag, alert candidates of new job opportunities, send interview reminders and more!

Text, Email, Phone – The Mighty Trio of Customer Communication

Do you know when to text vs. call vs. email? In this webinar we break down the pros and cons of each medium and share real scenarios to show how the three can work together.


7 Essential Ways Developers are Leveraging SMS APIs

In this webinar, we talk about the different tools businesses are using to leverage texting and share some common use cases. Plus, we share two of Zipwhip’s brand new Extensibility Tools—our embeddable Texting Widget and Deep Links. 


Best Practices for Texting Your Customers

Learn best practices to get you started on a successful text message strategy to better connect with your customers. Including how to choose the right texting tool, training your team and etiquette to follow. 


The Benefits of Engaging Customers  With  Texting From Your CRM  

Join us as we talk through some of the common use cases for texting within a CRM and show you how to do it without an integration. You’ll learn how to improve workflow, reach customers faster, convert more prospects and more. 


How to Master Texting for Insurance Sales, Service and Claims

If you’re an insurance carrier, agent, service representative or claim adjuster looking to improve your customer communication, this is the webinar for you.


Texting for Business Q&A: Zipwhip Execs Answer Your Questions

Pradeep GanapathyRaj, Zipwhip’s VP of product management, and Adam Anderson, Zipwhip’s VP of revenue marketing answer questions about Texting for Business.


Best Ways to Use Texting for Business: Great Ideas From Zipwhip Customers

There are endless applications for Texting for Business. Case in point: our customers! Watch this webinar to learn some great texting ideas from our customers.


How to Book More Weddings with Texting

Fast and effective communication is everything when it comes to pulling off a flawless wedding. Learn how to use texting to drive high-quality leads, increase referrals and close more business, faster. 


The Communication Imperative for the Insurance Industry With Mark Breading

Communicating with customers digitally and in real time is a challenge for the insurance industry. Mark Breading, partner and chief research officer at Strategy Meets Action, joins us to talk about what insurance companies need to do to keep up. 


5 Ways Sports Teams Are Hitting Home Runs With Text Messaging

Whether it’s for generating leads, securing sponsors or providing top-notch customer support, texting is an effective way for sports teams to communicate. Learn how you can utilize it.


Grow Your Credit Union With Text Messaging

Emails and phone calls aren’t as effective as they once were, but that’s where texting steps in. Join us as we show you how texting can be used in various ways to get work done faster and build strong member relationships.


5 Key Trends That Indicate You Should Be Texting Customers

In this 45-min re-broadcast of our February webinar, our research and insights manager, Natasha Gay, takes you through the 2019 State of Texting Report and highlights the most important takeaways for businesses.

10 Customer Communication Takeaways From the 2019 NIADA Convention

Learn how stores and franchise can keep up with technology, the changes needed to bridge the generational gap and how to provide a five-star experience for your customers.

5 Keys to Achieving Your Customer Communication Goals

How does your business communicate with customers? Implement these five key strategies to improve your customer communication today.


State of Texting 2019 Deep Dive

Learn more about our 2019 State of Texting research. We’ll reveal why texting is the most effective customer communication tool today, and why your business should adopt it now, not later. 

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