What's in it for you?

You finally get to connect with your customers the way they prefer. You get fast responses and a lot more of them. Zipwhip is a productivity tool for your business that will drive more engagement and give you back time.


How do you text a landline?

How landline texting works

Step 1

A consumer sends a text from their mobile phone to your existing business phone number.

Step 2

Inside the wireless carrier's network, the message is passed securely to Zipwhip's gateway.

Step 3

Zipwhip's SaaS platform displays the message on any device you choose, and you can reply.

A mobile customer experience that's universal

Texting isn't just for millennials. Every age group thinks texting is more convenient than calling to connect quickly and easily. Zipwhip helps all kinds of businesses give their customers a best-in-class customer experience.


Zipwhip helps dealerships and service centers improve communications and sell more cars.

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Medical offices

Doctors and dentists eliminate phone tag, voicemails and appointment no-shows with two-way texting.

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Zipwhip's software lets staffing agencies reach existing and new employees the way they prefer: over text.

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