Zipwhip for Clio automates logging text messages with clients to your practice management software. Our seamless integration ensures your firm never loses billable conversations, reduces reliance on manually logging messages saved on personal cell phones, and captures valuable insights about clients. 


Zipwhip enables your existing landline or toll free phone number for texting. Make it easy for clients to confirm consultations, schedule appointment reminders, and send pictures messages by leveraging your business number.

Why connect Clio + Zipwhip?

Team Visibility

Provide shared access within your practice management software to all employees of clients' texts.

Time Tracking

Track the date, time, and duration of each text conversation within Clio for better billing accuracy.

Better Customer Insight

Add text conversations to your Clio system of record to get a clearer picture of all client communications.

How does it work?

When a mobile phone number is matched to a Clio contact, Zipwhip automatically logs incoming and outgoing texts in real-time within the communication tab. Messages sent from any Zipwhip app synchronizes with Clio to maintain up-to-date accuracy with your CRM.