Direct network connectivity

Compliance safeguards are designed to protect your business from risk, but they often carry real business costs: complexity, frustration, and customer friction. It doesn't have to be that way.

Direct network connectivity lets Zipwhip deliver integrated compliance assurance safeguards in the background so businesses can engage in real, human text message conversations with their customers.

Custom security settings

Zipwhip is the industry-leading business texting solution for enterprises across 35+ different industries. Our platform is configurable to meet GRC requirements including FCC, FTC, FINRA, SEC, and other industry regulators.

Every message sent and received, including SMS, MMS picture messages, and attachments are logged, tracked, and archived in write-once read-many format. Zipwhip supports configurable message retention policies and export to leading archive platforms.

Control risk and protect customer data

Without a centralized business texting solution that works, agents and individual contributors fall back to personal cell phones. Business communication on personal devices limits your company's visibility into communications, breaks continuity, and leads to regulatory risk and fines.

Ensure customer contacts stay with your organization, take a proactive position towards audits, and avoid regulatory fines with a centralized, controlled business texting solution.

Enterprise compliance features

Control customer communication in a seamless, authentic way.

Existing Business Number

Centralize communications on phone numbers your business owns and controls, access conversations on any device, and support "text or call".

Seamless Maintenance

Logging, tracking, and archiving happens seamlessly on the background so employees and customers can simply communicate.

admin controls 3

Admin Oversight

Supervisor dashboards and access controls offer flexible admin capabilities designed for distributed enterprise.

Integrated Archive

Zipwhip supports configurable message retention policies and export to leading archive platforms.

Business Continuity

Control your customer contacts and continue conversations between individual reps and conversations.

Superior Experience

Achieve compliance and mitigate risk while delivering best-in-class customer experiences.

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Download our guide on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and how it applies to business texting.
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