Our journey

  • The very beginning…

    Before there was Zipwhip (and three years before iMessage), there was the idea of cloud texting. Our co-founders, John Lauer, John Larson, and Anthony Riemma, believed texting is too big for just the mobile phone. They envisioned a world where texting is available for all your devices.

  • Zipwhip starts in John Lauer’s basement

    With a dream of bringing cloud texting to consumers, our founders head to Palo Alto in search of funding. At the time, everyone in tech believes Blackberry messaging to be the future of texting, and outside financing is not secured. The team decides to bootstrap the business with funds from John Lauer’s previous exit.

  • Sprint Web Texter

    Zipwhip lands its first major carrier contract and begins to offer cloud texting to consumers on a large scale basis. Within minutes of Zipwhip activating the service, consumer texts start coming in.

  • Zipwhip’s first office

    Zipwhip moves out of the infamous basement and into a real office in Queen Anne, and the team starts to grow.

  • T-Mobile contract

    T-Mobile pre-loads Zipwhip’s group texting app on their most popular smartphones and rolls out our cloud texting service to their full Android user base. Zipwhip is considered the “iMessage for Android” at the time.

  • Zipwhip’s first office dog

    Zipwhip loves all our office dogs, but the OG is Dakota, John Larson’s energetic, lovable black lab. She’s our unofficial mascot, and old-timers remember when she was just a puppy. Tour our new office with Dakota!

  • Blackberry falls off the map

    Turns out it wasn’t the future of texting after all. Who knew? …Oh wait, our founders did. They’ve believed since day one that an open messaging platform like SMS, MMS, or RCS will outlive any closed messaging apps like BBM, AIM, or MSN, if you can even remember those. Read our thoughts on Facebook Messenger.

  • Zipwhip changes direction

    We have our big “pivot” moment as we start focusing on business texting. We create a landline texting forum with CTIA, where the idea of texting on landlines is born. Zipwhip becomes the first ever texting provider for landline and toll free phone numbers.

  • World’s first textable espresso machine

    Zipwhip loves coffee, and we obviously love texting. We wondered how to combine the two… until the idea of Textpresso hit us. Textpresso is our Raspberry Pi powered espresso machine, complete with a robotic arm. It takes coffee orders via text, and using edible ink, prints your phone number in the foam.

  • Zipwhip’s first business texting customer

    Using our brand new software, Supertooth Dentistry becomes the first business in America to send and receive texts on their existing landline number. They’re still a customer today!

  • Zipwhip A2P is born

    We create our application-to-peer messaging platform in compliance with the wireless operators. It’s trusted, secure, and high-volume, and best of all, does everything a short code can do but with an existing 10-digit business phone number.

  • New office in Belltown

    With new hires, our old office was getting waaaaaay too crowded. We upgrade to an open floor plan office in Belltown with amazing restaurants and bars nearby.

  • $5 million in funding

    Zipwhip raises $5 million in Series A Funding from investors at Ronin Capital.

  • World’s first textable Kegerator

    Zipwhip searches for a way to combine our love of beer with our love of texting. Enter Texterator. Just text the word “beer” and Texterator grabs a cup, pours you a beer, and even lasers your phone number onto the side. Too nice.

  • $9 million in funding

    Zipwhip secures $9 million in Series B Funding from investors at Voyager Capital, Microsoft Ventures, GCI, and Inteliquent.

  • $10 million in ARR

    Our sales team is killing it, and proving that businesses really do need texting for their existing numbers. All our hard works pays off, and Zipwhip hits $10 million in Annual Recurring Revenue, a major success metric for SaaS companies.

  • Zipwhip hits 100 employees

    With our new funding, we’re able to hire more people, specifically for our sales and engineering departments. Our team more than doubles and we start to expand into new industries.

  • We move to SoDo

    After continuing to grow the team, we quickly find out that we need more space. Our latest and greatest office is located in SoDo right across from Safeco Field. We love the new building and great views of downtown, the Sound, and the Olympics.

  • Click-to-Text launches

    Zipwhip introduces Click-to-Text, which allows consumers to text businesses straight from any mobile or desktop website with a single click. Check it out here.

  • New app integrations

    After a lot of hard work, we now have full integrations with Salesforce, Velocify, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zapier. These product integrations make the Zipwhip experience even better. Learn more here.