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TXT2PAY for Zipwhip

Payments by text. Fast, simple, secure.

Zipwhip TXT2PAY pairs Authvia’s secure payment platform with the leading business-texting software, enabling Zipwhip Premium customers to request and receive payments via text message. Give your customers a simpler way to pay, decreasing overall transaction time and improving customer satisfaction. Plus, send and receive payments from any mobile or desktop device without the need for a virtual terminal or point-of-sale system

How it works

TXT2PAY for Zipwhip leverages the power of Templates, making it easy to create a customized payment request via text. Simply enter your requested payment amount and a description into the formatted Template. To pay, your customer simply replies with the last four digits of their phone number

Why use TXT2PAY for Zipwhip?

  • Contactless payments - Adhere to social distancing recommendations by encouraging your customers to complete contactless transactions via text message
  • Minimize missed or late payments - Customers with incomplete or no billing information can be set up in Authvia in minutes, reducing the likelihood of delinquent payments due to input errors or deliverability
  • Accounts receivable - Leverage the power of text payments in your day-to-day accounts receivable workflow, giving you the freedom to enable more paperless billing options while reducing the cost of doing business
  • Collections - Streamline your past-due invoice collections with a text request for payment. Texting is a discreet and non-invasive way to remind customers of past-due balances

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