Display text messages on your Tagboard with a single click.


Tagboard is an industry-leading social media display software that helps businesses discover, curate and showcase user-generated social media content across any screen. Learn more here. Zipwhip + Tagboard makes it possible to capture user-generated content from text messages, adding yet another component to your social marketing strategy. When integrated, a Tagboard icon will appear next to each text in the Zipwhip app. Simply click the icon to add the text to your Tagboard display.

Why Connect Zipwhip and Tagboard?

Boost Audience Engagement & Participation

Texting is the preferred method of communication among consumers. Increase engagement by making it possible for your audience to connect with you on the medium of their choice with no app required.

Bring Text Messages to Life

Take advantage of Tagboard’s rich visual interface to beautifully and impactfully display text messages.

Add Conversation to Your Social Marketing

Not only can you capture user photo and video content via text, but you can display and respond conversationally to questions and comments.​