Make texting a natural part of your sales process


With Zipwhip for Pipedrive integration, all text messages between you and your clients are automatically added to the appropriate records in your CRM. Speak directly with the most engaged prospects at the perfect time – when they’re interested, asking questions and actively engaged with your business.

This integration allows your representatives to save time, as they don’t have the burden of logging individual conversations into the CRM. It also creates transparency in the business-to-client dialogue and captures valuable insights to better serve your customers, which will help close deals faster.

how it works

Zipwhip enables you to send and receive text messages from your existing landline or toll-free phone number. Our two-way texting service allows any type of business to manage multiple conversations and track these messages in one centralized place.

With this integration, conversations are seamlessly synced inside the activity section of their Pipedrive lead record. Texts are routed to the right sales rep, so it’s easy for them to build and nurture those relationships, as well as schedule follow-up tasks.

Why connect Pipedrive + Zipwhip?

  • Reporting + Visibility - See which texts go to each employee, and track whether customers have received a response yet or not.
  • Sales - Prospects who receive texts convert at a rate 40% higher than those who aren't. Track these interactions in your CRM.
  • Customer Support - Save money on voice costs and provide customers an easier, off-line way to contact you about issues they encounter.

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