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Livery Coach

The best system for the chauffeured transportation industry

Using the Zipwhip texting platform, Livery Coach clients are able to provide automated texting of trip information, chauffeur details, and more to both their bookers and passengers.  Zipwhip enables these details to come from the company’s main phone number, so not only is it trusted and recognized, but should a phone call be required, the number is right there for booker or passenger convenience.

How it works

Livery Coach’s advanced automation will send a trip reminder for each trip a day in advance, and can be configured to only send during business hours. For groups or other special events, the automated message can even be customized to contain custom information.


On the day of the trip, the system will send chauffeur and vehicle details 30 minutes before pickup (including clickable links to a chauffeur photo and GPS location) so that the passenger knows exactly where his or her ride is waiting, and who will be driving.  Particularly in crowded airports or train stations, this speeds up finding the right car and increases safety.  The system will also text the booker to let him or her know that the passenger is in the car—great for those super-attentive admins who worry about their boss. 


Once the ride is underway, Livery Coach uses Zipwhip to send out a custom survey to ensure customer satisfaction, and can alert management should the results of the survey be less than stellar, which allows guest recovery while the ride is still in process.

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