Engage candidates with the Zipwhip for Kwantek integration


How you communicate and how quickly you do it determines the quality of candidates you attract. Thousands of staffing agencies use Zipwhip’s two-way business texting service to reach the right people at the right time.

Applicants in the contract security and building services industries are notoriously difficult to reach. Many of them have more than one job, and don’t often have time to check email or voicemail.

With text messaging, you can communicate with them quickly and efficiently via text to make them aware of open positions, schedule interviews, complete paperwork and much more. By synching these conversations to the candidate’s profile, your company can collaborate smarter and fill positions faster, decreasing your cost per hire.

how it works

The Zipwhip for Kwantek integration makes it easy to send a text to one individual or many and sync conversations into the relevant employee record.

Texts are grouped into conversations within the candidate’s activity or note section. Texts are routed to the right account owner, so it’s easy to confirm interviews, send follow-up information and save time through the automatic storing of incoming and outgoing messages.

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