Make texting a natural part of your sales process


Today, consumers expect a personalized experience at every touchpoint. Zipwhip’s integration with Hubspot connects your text message conversations with contacts saved in your CRM. Seamlessly log all text messages sent from your business phone number to individual records within your CRM.

Support contacts throughout the entire customer lifecycle by answering questions in real time, nurture leads with follow up information and be there for customers when they need a little extra help.

how it works

Zipwhip enables you to send and receive text messages from your existing landline or toll-free phone number. Our two-way texting service allows any type of business to manage multiple conversations and track these messages in one centralized place.

With this integration, conversations are seamlessly synced inside the activity section of the lead record. Texts are routed to the right sales rep, so it’s easy for them to build and nurture those relationships as well as schedule follow-up tasks.

Feel free to consult our integration help page if you have questions regarding implementation or installation.

Why connect Hubspot CRM + Zipwhip?