Guidewire ClaimCenter™ 8.0, 9.0 & 10.0

Zipwhip is pleased to be a GuideWire Solution Select Partner. The following outlines how Zipwhip’s Ready for Guidewire validated accelerator makes it easier than ever to implement two-way texting without ever leaving ClaimCenter.


Reduce claim-processing time and improve communication with customers by texting straight from the Guidewire ClaimCenter™ app. The seamless integration between Zipwhip and ClaimCenter allows adjusters to manage and archive text conversations, auto-sync contacts and improve customer communication throughout the claims lifecycle.

See our Guidewire validated accelerator at work

how it works

Zipwhip enables adjusters to use their existing business phone number for conversational, two-way text messaging with customers. Adjusters can send and receive texts from Zipwhip’s web, desktop and mobile apps, or directly from Guidewire ClaimCenter via our browser extension. Customers have the option to text or call their adjuster at the same number using the native texting app on their mobile device. 

With Zipwhip’s ClaimCenter integration, customer information is automatically synchronized between the two platforms, and all inbound and outbound texts are saved in the corresponding claim within ClaimCenter. Zipwhip’s automation tools can also be leveraged to improve claim cycle time, customer experience and adjuster productivity. 

Why use Zipwhip for Guidewire?


Insurance Industry Expertise Zipwhip has been working with insurance carriers for over 6 years, with thousands of agencies and claims teams relying on Zipwhip every day. We’ve developed a unique body of knowledge on how to leverage business texting across all divisions of an organization, which is critical for carriers who want a comprehensive digital engagement strategy. Our Own Texting Network Zipwhip is the only business texting platform that can provides true enterprise-grade deliverability, reliability and security because we have directly connectivity with top-tier wireless carriers. All other texting providers rely on 3rd parties to deliver their messages, putting customers at a significant disadvantage. The Industry’s Best Customer Experience The ability for customers to text or call their adjusters directly on the same number is a breakthrough in the customer experience. Once they implement Zipwhip, carriers are finding that as many as 70% of conversations are initiated by their customers via text. These benefits are not possible through alternative texting solutions like short codes. Ease of Implementation Zipwhip provides a SaaS offering (hosted in the cloud), so there’s no deployment or installation of software necessary. And because Zipwhip’s Accelerator for ClaimCenter is fully Guidewire certified, it requires only the standard Accelerator installation without any additional customization needed. Enterprise-Grade Support We assign resources across project management, customer success, training, product and engineering to support the entire lifecycle of our customers, especially during the early phases of change management. Next Generation Texting Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Apple Business Chat are the future of texting and will change how consumers expect to text with businesses. Zipwhip is at the forefront in the industry, working directly with Google and Apple to bring to market the next generation of business texting.
*Quiet hours available for v10 users only