Reduce claim-processing time and improve communication with customers by texting straight from the Guidewire ClaimCenter™ app. The seamless integration between Zipwhip and ClaimCenter allows adjusters to manage and archive text conversations, auto-sync contacts and improve customer communication throughout the claims lifecycle.

See how the Zipwhip for Guidewire Accelerator makes it easier than ever to implement two-way texting without ever leaving ClaimCenter:

how it works

Zipwhip gives adjusters the ability to communicate with their customers via their most preferred method – texting. Using an existing landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number, adjusters can send and receive texts through Zipwhip’s desktop app, web app, mobile app or browser extension.

Claim adjusters can securely exchange images and other relevant information with customers from their personal mobile devices, and all incoming texts to the adjuster will be instantly recognizable with the customer’s name and the claim number, giving the adjuster the necessary context of the conversation. Because Zipwhip uses existing office phone numbers, adjusters won’t need to give their personal mobile phone number to customers, and customers will be able to text the number they already call.

Automated texting capabilities like scheduled messages, office-hours responses and keyword triggers make it easy for adjusters to send regular updates as a claim processes. And because Zipwhip texting is fully integrated with ClaimCenter, customer information is automatically synchronized between the two platforms and all inbound and outbound texts are saved in the respective ClaimCenter account. Zipwhip’s apps come with many customizable templates, reminders and management tools.

Why use Zipwhip for Guidewire?

  • Efficient Communication – Use Zipwhip to send and receive text messages and use a host of management tools built for quick communication, knowing your contacts and conversations are automatically synced in ClaimCenter.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction - Keep customers up-to-date with automated and personalized texts informing them of the status of their claim.
  • Reduce Claim Processing Time – Cut down on phone tag and lengthy email exchanges by texting important information like images, appointment reminders, status updates and next steps.
  • Reporting + Visibility – See which texts go to each employee and track whether customers have received a response yet or not.

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