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The Zipwhip integration within the SantaCruz Reservation, Dispatching and Accounting back office software system, allows the Ground Transportation operators to send and receive text messages from one branded phone number based on triggered events. These time or status triggered events include:  24-hour notification to the passenger of an upcoming ride; a link to track the driver 30 minutes prior to pick up; a driver is “On Location” notification.  These notifications result in fewer no show charges, fewer phone calls to the dispatch office trying to locate their driver, and quicker turn around times for the drivers.

How it works

GroundWidgets has integrated the SantaCruz Reservation, Dispatching and Accounting back office software system with the Zipwhip text messaging API to distribute messages and notifications in real time via the customer’s Zipwhip account.  These messages and notifications are automatically sent from the SantaCruz system based on a 24-hour notification before pickup or based on changes in the dispatch status of the trip. These changes could be Driver Assigned, Dispatched, EnRoute to Pickup or On Location etc.  Messages include vehicle tracking links 30 minutes before pickup, as well as vehicle and driver details. Passengers can respond directly from these messages. 

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