Zipwhip for Microsoft Dynamics

Sync your Zipwhip business text messages with Microsoft Dynamics 365


Zipwhip for Microsoft Dynamics 365 automatically logs text message conversations with clients to your CRM. Integrating with Zipwhip creates transparency in the business-to-client dialogue and captures valuable insights to better serve your customers, helping you close deals faster.

Zipwhip enables texting for your existing landline or toll-free phone number. Make it easy for clients to confirm consultations, schedule appointment reminders and send pictures messages by leveraging your business number.

how it works

When a mobile phone number is matched to a Dynamics contact, Zipwhip automatically logs incoming and outgoing texts in real-time within the contact’s activities. Messages sent from any Zipwhip app synchronize with Dynamics to maintain up-to-date accuracy with your CRM.

Why use Zipwhip for Microsoft dynamics?