Zipwhip for COATS Staffing Software

Run your entire staffing firm from one interface.


Zipwhip for COATS staffing software, brings users closer to their clients through text messaging and allows for communication with one or many employees, in seconds.

COATS users need to reach employees quickly and get a response even quicker. Zipwhip is a tool that all Recruiters need.  

how it works

Stop calling hundreds of job candidates to determine their availability to work and remind them of upcoming interviews and work assignments. Schedule texts to remind employees about future start dates and automatic text message replies let your employees feel acknowledged in real time. Finally, when your employee’s work assignment is complete, receive a time card photo texted to your company’s payroll department to process their payroll and invoice your client.

Why connect with Zipwhip?

  • Text multiple job candidates all at once, for a quick and updated available to work list. And, get a reply as to who is interested in every work assignment.
  • Receive a new job order and schedule reminder texts to employees who have accepted the work assignment.
  • Send reminder texts to candidates who are scheduled for an upcoming interview with your client company.
  • Reach customer clients faster, and outside of business hours with an auto-reply text.
  • Receive time cards by text photo rather than by in person delivery, fax or e-mail. Save time, money and paper.

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