7 Ways to Ramp Up Business With Texting as COVID-19 Recedes

As states across the country begin to slowly reopen their economies, businesses are gearing up to safely and effectively start serving customers again. As the leading provider of Texting for Business, we know a thing or two about reaching customers effectively. From medical clinics and gyms to salons and churches, we’ve been working hard to provide businesses with the resources they’ve needed during this challenging time. Now, we’re here to help you ramp business back up.

Join us for a 30-minute webinar on June 10 to learn how your business can leverage texting in the coming weeks and months. We’ll discuss seven smart ways to use texting to get customers back in the door, communicate new safety protocols, coordinate effectively with your team and more.

  • Leverage SMS Keywords to drive new business
  • Communicate new protocols like curbside pickup with a text
  • Use texting to accomplish more work with fewer resources
  • Reschedule cancelled appointments and meetings via text
  • Reach many customers at once and keep messaging consistent
  • And more!

We’ll reserve time at the end to answer your questions live.  Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to having you in this webinar. 

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Wednesday, June 10
11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET

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Keith Hitchcock
Digital Content Producer
Courtney Parham
Product Trainer & Instructional Designer