8 Ways Sales Teams Leverage Texting Across the Customer Lifecycle

You probably already know that texting can be an effective tool for sales—from capturing new leads to setting up meetings and closing deals. But did you know that texting can be beneficial across the entire customer lifecycle?

Jae Dellinger and Facundo Dipascuale, two sales pros at Zipwhip, will be joining us for a live 45-minute webinar to talk about the benefits of texting for every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle. Tune in to learn:

You'll learn

  • Why you should think twice about using your personal cell phone
  • Ways to use texting to increase engagement with prospects
  • How to boost customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Creative ways to upsell existing customers using SMS
  • How to request and receive payments via text (especially important during Covid-19)
Plus, we’ll talk about how a few of our own customers have had success using Zipwhip for sales. And we’ll reserve time at the end to answer all your questions live. We’ll see you there!

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Wednesday, Sept. 16
11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET

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Facundo Dipascuale
Account Executive
Jae Dellinger headshot
Jae Dellinger
Account Executive, Mid-Market