The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers

Everything you need to know to successfully adopt texting for business

According to our 2020 State of Texting report, 91% of consumers have received a text from a business. Texting is one of the easiest and most effective tools a business can adopt to improve customer engagement, increase sales and streamline staff productivity. But as with adoption of any new tool, there are many important steps to implementing a business-texting strategy effectively.

We designed this texting guide as a resource to walk you through each of those steps — from choosing the right tool and training your team to marketing your new texting capability and sending your first message.

This free guide includes:  

  • What to look for when evaluating business-texting services
  • Best practices for TCPA compliance in texting
  • Texting etiquette tips for your team
  • How to market your new texting capability to customers
  • And much more!
By the end of this e-book, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to reach your customers the right way through business text messaging and the confidence to lay the groundwork for your own texting communication strategy.

Download the free e-book