Why Your Customers Don't Read Your Emails Anymore

Consumers are inundated with emails.

Do you wonder why your customers don’t read your emails anymore? Or, why they’re not responding to your promotional offers or calls to action like they did in the past?

Your customers might be overwhelmed by the number of emails they receive. And your marketing messages might be flagged as spam and sent to junk folders without you even realizing it.

The exciting days of “You’ve got mail!” alerts are behind us. Consumers’ inboxes are now stacked with messages they’ll never open. As a business, it makes reaching your customers that much harder.

We recently surveyed nearly 600 consumers to find out how they engage with email.

You might be surprised to find out that:

  • 27% of consumers have more than 500 unread emails in their personal inbox 
  • 62% have an email address they use solely for offers and business accounts 
  • 63% prefer texts to emails or phone calls for alerts like delivery updates

This free e-book will help you better understand how consumers engage with email today and how you can reach them more effectively. After reading it, you’ll have a better understanding of consumer behavior so you can leverage that information to get the attention of your customers.

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