Zipwhip can natively integrate with SugarCRM to remove the burden of manually logging your customer’s conversations. Once connected, all inbound and outbound texts will automatically sync with Sugar and Zipwhip’s apps.

This integration saves representatives time as they aren’t hampered by having to log individual conversations into the CRM. It also creates transparency in the business-to-client dialogue and captures valuable insights to better serve your customers, which will help close deals faster.

Why connect SugarCRM + Zipwhip?

Reporting + Visibility

See which texts go to each employee, and track whether customers have received a response yet or not.


Prospects who receive texts convert at a rate 40% higher than those who aren't. Track these interactions in your CRM.

Customer Support

Save money on voice costs and provide customers an easier, off-line way to contact you about issues they encounter.

How does it work?

Zipwhip enables texting for your existing landline or toll-free phone number. Make it easy for clients to confirm consultations, schedule appointment reminders and send pictures messages by leveraging your business number.

When a mobile phone number is matched to a contact in your CRM, Zipwhip automatically logs incoming and outgoing texts in real time within the tasks section. Messages sent from any Zipwhip app sync automatically to maintain activity accuracy.

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Start texting from your landline

This integration is available to all Zipwhip Business package users. Zipwhip comes with unlimited texts, and does not impact the voice service of your phone number.

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