Zipwhip for MINDBODY

Auto-sync business text messages to MINDBODY Contact Logs


Zipwhip’s two-way texting software seamlessly integrates with MINDBODY, so you can conversationally text your prospects, clients and members from your branded business phone number and have all text conversations sync in your Contact Log Notes.

how it works

Zipwhip enables your existing landline or toll free phone number for texting. Make it easy for clients to confirm consultations, schedule appointment reminders, and send pictures messages by leveraging your business number.

When a mobile phone number is matched to a contact in your CRM, Zipwhip automatically logs incoming and outgoing texts in real-time within the tasks section. Messages sent from any Zipwhip app syncs to automatically to maintain activity accuracy.

Feel free to consult our integration help page if you have questions regarding implementation or installation.

Why use Zipwhip for MINDBODY?

  • Reduce No-Shows - Automate waitlist notifications with texts that let clients know when a spot becomes available.
  • Improve Customer Retention - Quickly connect prospects with free trials. Recognize when to follow up with leads or members regarding renewals, new offerings and incentives.
  • Receive Better Feedback - Receive feedback from current clients about their experience so you can make improvements to keep them coming back.

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