Texting for Restaurants

Give customers the option to text or call the same number to make reservations, place pick-up and delivery orders or request general information about your restaurant.

The most efficient way to communicate with restaurant customers and employees

Streamline pick-up and delivery orders

Text customers to let them know their food is ready or when it’s out for delivery. Allow them to text back with any last-minute changes to their order or detailed delivery instructions.  

Manage reservations and keep tables full

Offer your customers the option to make a reservation via text. Once confirmed, use Scheduled Messages to schedule an automated reminder, allowing them to respond immediately if they need to cancel. Improve the experience for waiting walk-in customers by sending them an alert when their table is ready!

Quickly communicate with employees

Use Group Messaging to quickly share last-minute updates and staff meeting reminders with employees. Allow your employees to respond and reach out regarding shift scheduling, changes to availability and urgent questions. When someone cancels their shift, quickly fill it by sending a group text to your staff.

Build a loyal customer base

Keep customers in the know about restaurant news, weekly specials, events and promotions. Thank them for coming in, send surveys to measure customer satisfaction, request suggestions for new menu items or encourage them to leave a review! 

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