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Texting for Retail

Build loyalty and turn shoppers into buyersTexting helps you provide the simple, frictionless, world-class experience that today’s consumers expect.

More than 500 retailers use Zipwhip's Texting for Business

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The most effective way to reach your store's customers and employees

Offer promotions and build loyalty

Texting is a quick and effective way to communicate flash sales, e-coupons or other recurring offers to help drive revenue. Use SMS keywords to make it easy for customers to join your loyalty program, then reward them with special store hours, pre-day sales or friends and family deals.  

Make it easier for your customers to reach you

Add a Click-to-Text button to your website or Instagram profile so shoppers can quickly text you questions. They don’t have to wait on hold, can respond in their own time and can seamlessly switch over to voice call if necessary. It’s the most convenient way for customers to get in touch directly with your store. 

Develop lasting relationships to increase sales

Texting is a high-priority, intimate medium, so its ideal for building trust and nurturing relationships with customers. In fact, businesses report a 328% increase in sales when they engage with customers via text. Texting can also be used to drive add-on sales and promote referral offers.

Quickly communicate with employees

Use Group Messages to quickly share last-minute updates, staff meetings reminders and more with employees. Allow your employees to text you about shift scheduling, changes to availability and urgent questions. When someone cancels their shift, you can quickly fill it by sending a group text.

Schedule pick-ups and deliveries

Texting can be used to schedule appointments and offer more precise delivery times. If you have a cancellation, use texting to quickly fill that opening. With simple text reminders, you can also reduce no shows. 

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