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Reach customers faster and more effectively using Zipwhip’s texting-for-business software and API solution.

Texting for your existing business phone number.

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Why Texting for Business?

Retailers can improve communication throughout the sales and service process by integrating texting for business into new or existing workflows using their existing phone number.

Research shows* that customers prefer communicating with businesses via SMS rather than by email or phone. This isn’t surprising. Emails are easily missed or ignored as we’re increasingly overwhelmed by the quantity received, and phone calls often result in a frustrating and time-consuming game of ‘phone tag’.

Texting for business enables retailers to quickly, easily and effectively reach customers without being intrusive or requiring a new application to be installed, while still generating fast response rates.

Use Cases for Retailers

Why Zipwhip?

Easily enable two-way texting between retailers and their customers

Quickly and easily send and receive text messages with computers, tablets and mobile phones using existing business landline, toll-free or VoiP phone numbers. In addition, software features such as Scheduled Messages, Auto Reply, and Signature improve user productivity.

Enterprise grade reliability, scalability and security

Zipwhip is the only texting-for-business software provider with direct connection to all top-tier U.S. carriers ensuring both message delivery and platform scalability. It helps retailers stay secure and compliant through encryption safeguards, Machine-Learning-powered spam inspection and built-in universal “STOP” command.

Powerful, flexible features for business

Zipwhip enables multiple people to review conversation threads, reply and provide oversight. Message history is then securely stored and can be retrieved for analysis. Through its open API, Zipwhip is integrated with CRMs such as Dynamics and Salesforce.

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