Texting for Healthcare

Acquire more patients, improve onboarding, fill cancelled appointments and communicate with your providers using texting on your existing phone number.

More than 1,300 healthcare practices use Zipwhip for medical office texting

The most effective way to communicate with patients, physicians and staff

Improve communication across the entire patient care cycle

Texting makes it easier than ever to reach patients and improve office productivity. Picture messaging allows patients to text a photo of their insurance card to speed up the onboarding process, while scheduled text reminders help eliminate appointment no shows. After a treatment, use texting to check in on patients, answer questions or even request reviews. A patient texting service makes it’s easier than ever to reach patients. 

For medical staffing, reach candidates quickly and efficiently

Schedule messages to confirm interviews or send BCC’d job postings to multiple candidates at once. Seamless SMS integrations allow you to save all text conversations into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), where they can be easily referenced later. 

Quickly reach employees and other physicians

Need to quickly reach a physician who referred a patient? Have staff that’s constantly on the move within your facility or traveling between locations? Texting is a quick and easy way to connect internally. 

Reduce chargeoffs

Healthcare practices that use texting for collections are able to connect with delinquent patients faster, collect late payments sooner and reduce charge-offs. Texting is a discrete and non-invasive way to remind patients of late payments. Using Dynamic Fields within Group Messages you can send personalized reminders to multiple patients at once. 

Patients can be in a business meeting and respond to our texts right away. Our patients love texting us, and they love that it’s a number that they recognize. We don’t solely use texting for external communication. Zipwhip allows us to have inter-office communication with doctors and in-network practitioners. Rather than calling a doctor with a question, we text them and get a response within seconds.

Lara Dattilo
Front Office Administrator, McCracken Chiropractic & Wellness Center

See how Seattle SmileWorks and CrisDental use Zipwhip to text patients

Zipwhip can be used as part of your HIPAA compliant solution.

Zipwhip is the only texting provider that all Tier 1 and 2 wireless operators trust to manage their network-level connectivity for high-volume commercial traffic. Zipwhip controls the network capacity, speed, security and safeguards, and is SOC 2 Type 3 compliant for security, the industry standard for SaaS providers.

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