Zipwhip Texting for Legal

Texting for Legal

Improve client communication, eliminate phone tag and increase billing accuracy by text enabling your business landlines rather than using personal cell phones.

Zipwhip supports over 700,000 text messages a year between law offices and their clients

The most effective way to communicate with your clients

Eliminate phone tag and improve client communication

Send clients texts from your existing office landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number. Schedule texts to remind your clients of upcoming consultations and court dates. Create personalized Auto Replies for clients that text you during non-business hours. 

Optimize billing accuracy for text conversations

Track the date, time and duration of each text conversation for better billing accuracy. Ensure your firm never loses billable conversations by reducing text conversations on personal mobile devices. Maintain a system of record to get a clear picture of all client communications. 

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SMS dynamic fields

Enhance productivity with advanced texting tools

Personalize messages quickly by choosing any contact detail to include dynamically. Provide team visibility to client text conversations by implementing shared access within your practice. Seamlessly integrate texting into your CRM with Zipwhip’s Chrome Extension.

What we found is that if we call to confirm an appointment, oftentimes the call will be ignored. When we text somebody, our response is almost 100 percent. People are working all day, but they can text back and say yes.”

Justin Elsner
Managing Attorney, Elsner Law Firm

See how Elsner Law Firm uses texting to enhance client engagement


Zipwhip is the only texting provider that all Tier 1 and 2 wireless operators trust to manage their network-level connectivity for high-volume commercial traffic. Zipwhip controls the network capacity, speed, security and safeguards, and is SOC 2 Type 3 compliant for security, the industry standard for SaaS providers.

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