texting for automotive

Texting for Automotive

Sell more cars, reduce no shows and increase customer satisfaction by offering secure texting on your business line.

More than 1,000 dealership groups use Zipwhip

The most effective way to communicate with customers

Accelerate the car sales cycle

Did you know a staggering 96% of consumers find phone calls to be disruptive? Texting is a non-intrusive way to follow up with warm leads and increase the likelihood of a timely response even when customers can’t call you right away. Vehicle sales is a relationship-based business, and texting is a high-priority, intimate medium, making it ideal for building trust and nurturing relationships. 

Easily communicate updates on repairs

Once repairs have started, it’s common to discover additional issues. Simply text a photo and revised estimate for your customer to approve. After the repairs are done, a quick text lets your customer know to pick up the vehicle before closing time.

Send automated reminders for upcoming service

Scheduled messages make it easy to send reminders about upcoming service. Change their oil today, and schedule a text to be sent when it’s time for their next recommended service.

Decrease no shows and fill openings

Whether for sales or service, scheduling can be a challenge for dealerships. With Zipwhip, you can schedule reminders to be sent the day of appointments to reduce no shows, and if a customer does cancel, you can quickly fill that appointment by texting your wait list.

With Zipwhip, we can send a picture of a part to the customer and quickly get their approval to replace it.  Customers love the easy, convenient, personal communication. Zipwhip offers that, and it’s something that we wouldn’t go forward without.

Jay Caley
Jay Caley
Business Development Manager, BMW Seattle

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