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Texting for Broadcast TV

Build relationships with your audience to increase live engagement, viewership and marketing success.

The most effective way to build relationships with your audience

Texting for Broadcast TV – Conversation showing MMS

Increase engagement with on-air personalities

Use texting to increase live audience engagement and user-generated content (UGC). Share text messages and photos on-air while empowering anchors to have real-time conversations with their viewers.

Become the preferred media recipient for viewer-supplied breaking news stories

Enable the local community to text big, breaking news stories or tips directly to your newsroom or tip line. Everything from pictures on snow days to matters of urgency will be delivered instantly via text and help generate loyalty to your station.

Texting for Broadcast TV – All messages feed feature

Increase website traffic, app downloads and newsletter signups

Zipwhip’s suite of powerful features and integrations can be used to enhance your marketing efforts. Display UGC via our Tagboard integration while on-air. Use Keywords to quickly and simply share information relative to a topic. The options are endless!

With Zipwhip and Tagboard, our viewers can interact with us through text in real-time and see their messages displayed on screen, engaging them in the conversation.

Jim Rose
President & General Manager, KING 5 Media Group

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