Drive revenue by communicating the way customers prefer

Reach customers faster using Zipwhip’s texting-for-business software and API solutions. Zipwhip text enables your existing business phone numbers to empower your franchisees to send and receive text messages with customers on their computer.

Experience Automation Yourself

When you text enable your existing branded phone number, you’re providing the preferred communication channel for customers to interact with your business.

But with automated keywords, you’re also creating a 2-way conversation that engages and drives prospects further down the funnel without lifting a finger. Text the keyword examples below to see for yourself:

For Franchise Development

Text "Invest" to (734) 661-8535

The keyword example here demonstrates how Franchisors can qualify and engage with potential franchisees immediately after they've texted in for more information.

You've now moved the prospect down the funnel, and scheduled a time to discuss their investment into your brand. This happens all through automated text messaging on your branded business phone line.

For Customer Lead Generation

Text "Register" to (734) 661-8535

The keyword example above demonstrates how you can ask screening questions and collect details about a customer before setting up an initial consultation call.

The prospect is now on one of 2 customer onboarding paths; returning client, or new client, and a consultation call is scheduled. This happens all through automated text messaging on your branded business phone line.


Increase customer engagement and drive more revenue

It’s a great way to get a response, especially when it is really needed.

Levi Romero, Owner
TITLE Boxing Club Seattle
"I was introduced to Zipwhip through a few of our most progressive and successful franchisees. After seeing how easy it was to use and the tangible ROI it delivered, I was delighted to discover that they had the experience and resources to standardize and effectively roll this out to our franchise system. While we are in the early stages, I am confident that the program will have a significant impact on operational efficiency, customer experience and ultimately revenue generation."
Nancy Bigley
COO Painting With a Twist
"Zipwhip has allowed us to constantly communicate with our customers in a non-invasive way. It has saved us two or three hours a day."
Chad Norton
Franchisee, Lawn Doctor
"Zipwhip has been the best way for us to communicate with our members and prospects– it’s efficient and easy to use. Thanks for all you do!"
Jennifer Lutzow
Title Boxing Club
"We have been able to help guests reschedule or adjust services, even upgrade services, because we could two-way text with them. This has been a great tool for us. [..] We are just getting started but we and our members/guests are already loving it."
Sam Biggs
Franchisee, Massage Envy
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